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40 Hour Workweek

If you’re new here, welcome! I’m Angela Watson.

I was a classroom teacher for 11 years and have been an instructional coach for educators for over a decade.

I’ve published 6 books, created online courses and printable curriculum resources, and am the host of Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers podcast, one of the most downloaded K-12 education podcasts in existence.

I’ve been publishing articles on this site since I first created it twenty years ago, in July 2023! Feel free to click around to get an idea of the quality of my work and the type of writing I do.

My primary areas of expertise are mindset, productivity, and K-12 education. The overlap between these three areas is where I really shine! If you need help with a project that’s in my wheelhouse, I might be just the person to help you get your ideas out into the world.

One-on-one personalized consulting

I’m frequently asked for personalized consulting based on my areas of experience and expertise. For 2023, I am setting aside 2 days each month for à la carte consulting: 

For Schools

If you’re a school administrator and want formal consulting and coaching, my teams offers special consulting packages through the 40 Hour Leadership program. A single session with me (Angela) is also available—$250 for 50 minutes.

I can meet with a single administrator or your entire admin team, and conduct the meeting via your choice of audio-only or video call.

Topics generally center on time management and productivity in schools, or preventing educator burnout and attrition.

If there’s a tough problem you’re grappling with and need solid advice and guidance from someone who’s worked with countless schools across the nation, I can help.

For Teachers

If you would like to speak with me personally on an issue related to work/life balance, mindset, or productivity, you can book a 30 minute virtual meeting for $175.

This is a private conversation between us held via an audio-only or video call (your choice.) I can help you make a tough decision, offer career advice, or troubleshoot an aspect of your life or job that’s not working well.

Although I hate the phrase “pick my brain,” this is an opportunity to do so! Ask anything you’re curious about or would like to know regarding my own journey as an educator and entrepreneur. We can also speak on some of the more personal topics I’ve only touched on briefly in my podcast/articles (such as religion or mental health.)

For Education Entrepreneurs

I am available for individual consultations on book publishing, speaking, podcasting, course creation, TpT, social media, email lists, and website creation.

If you are an educator who wants to get started in any of these fields or has a side hustle that you want to take to the next level, you can book a 50 minute virtual consultation with me for $250.

We’ll speak via your choice of audio-only or video call, and you can ask any questions you’d like. We can also review your overall business or marketing plan, and I can suggest additional opportunities and next steps for you.

I’ll speak transparently with you about typical speaker rates, the ROI of various advertising models, and other insider stuff that isn’t easily found via a web search or tailored toward the unique niche of K-12 education.

Manuscript editing and writing services

Structural book editing / Developmental book editing

(Limited to 3 manuscripts per year)

A structural edit looks at the overall structure and content of your book. As your editor, I will consider all your objectives as an author and restructure your entire book to fit your vision. This might involve cutting back content, creating a new structure, and making recommendations about new content that you can add.

The scope of the work includes: 

  • Reviewing the entire structure of your book
  • Adding consistently-formatted headers and subheaders
  • Ensuring that your tone is consistent throughout
  • Reworking areas of your manuscript to improve the clarity, flow and structure of your book’s argument
  • Making recommendations on how you can create a more compelling argument by adding evidence and examples, extending certain areas, creating more clarity, etc. (see section below re: ghostwriting if you need help with this)
  • Removing unnecessary or repetitive text
  • Correcting typos and major spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors (a thorough proofreading should be done on the final manuscript by a copyeditor/proofreader)
  • One 30 minute phone call after the edited manuscript is complete to discuss the edits and provide clarification as needed

The scope of the work does NOT include:

  • Fact-checking (a different type of editor called a Fact Checker should make sure all your claims are true and your statistics are accurate, if that’s something you want to ensure before publication. I can recommend an excellent fact check for you who specializes in education books.)
  • Formatting for publication (your publishing company will handle this, and size the pages correctly, add page numbers to the table of contents, etc.)
  • Marketing consultation or support (your publishing company will help you with this or connect you to companies that specialize in this; I can also provide à la carte consulting, as outlined above)

Structural editing is one of my favorite things to do and I love working with writers in this way! The fees associated with this work vary according to the project (length of the book, how much editing is needed) but do run on the high end of typical editing charges.

If you are on a very tight budget, there are definitely cheaper options out there and I recommend you look into those. My structural edits combine nearly two decades of book writing and editing experience along with a deep understanding of K-12 education topics, allowing me to edit your education book with a much higher level of expertise than a general editor.

If you need a structural edit for your book completed by someone with insight into K-12 education, mindset, and/or productivity topics, please send me some information about your project. If I think it may be a good fit, you’ll be asked to book a 20 minute discovery call for $15, and we can decide together on a price point and whether we both feel comfortable moving forward.

Structural editing + ghost writing

(Limited to 2 manuscripts per year)

Do you have a book inside of you that’s ready to come out? Lots of folks have great ideas for their books, but just can’t make the writing come together, or doubt whether their ideas are being conveyed clearly.

While you’ll need a full ghostwriting service to write your manuscript from scratch, I can take your existing partial manuscript and fine-tune it.

I’ll provide all of the services listed above under Structural Editing, but will also write sentences and even paragraphs for you as needed. For example, during a structural edit, I might leave a comment like this: “Add more info about ___.” You will then need to write those additional clarifications yourself. The ghostwriting service means that I wouldn’t leave that comment, and would instead compose the necessary sentences as needed. You would then be free to remove or rewrite them if you’d like.

Adding ghostwriting to your structural edits decreases your workload considerably. You’ll receive a finished manuscript which is much closer to its final publication state.

If you need a structural edit + ghost writing for your book completed by someone who has a deep understanding of K-12 education, mindset, and/or productivity topics, please send me some information about your project. If I think it may be a good fit, you’ll be asked to book a 20 minute discovery call for $15, and we can decide together on a price point and whether we both feel comfortable moving forward.

Contact me to see if we’re a good fit

Want to get started? Here’s how the process works:

  1. Complete the form below. I’ll respond to you within 48 hours, on average, and let you know if I want to move forward in working with you.
  2. If I feel confident that I’ll be able to help in your specific situation and offer real value that’s worth your financial investment, I’ll send you a link to my Calendly to book a day/time that works for you. (I have two days each month blocked off in my schedule for these consults.)
  3. When you book your consulting call, you’ll be sent a PayPal payment link. Payment must be received before the call is held. I don’t issue refunds, but you can reschedule the call through Calendly if needed.

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