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Angela Watson is a productivity and mindset specialist, author, and motivational speaker for educators. She is National Board Certified and has a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, along with 11 years of classroom teaching experience and over a decade of experience as an instructional coach. Angela believes in challenging the narrative of the overworked and unappreciated “super teacher.” Through her blog, podcast, books, printables, online courses, and professional development services, Angela has supported countless teachers in choosing a new identity for themselves which is healthy and focused on what matters most.




I love to share ways teaching can be more effective, efficient, and enjoyable! My session topics are typically a blend of inspirational/motivational principles and practical tips for improving classroom practices.

Streamline Your Workload with AI: How to use GPT tools for more effective, efficient, and enjoyable teaching

Are you worried about the ethics of using artificial intelligence? Feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities? Getting poor results that make AI feel like it’s not worth the hassle? Join Angela Watson as she shares an approach to using artificial intelligence responsibly to accelerate your work. You’ll learn AI tools and strategies that have been vetted by knowledgeable educators so you don’t have to spend hours on trial-and-error. The end result? A better approach to lesson planning, differentiation, assessment, communication, and more.

“Finding Flow: A Powerful Approach to Time Management for Students–and Ourselves”

Constantly issuing reminders and following up with kids is exhausting. Helping kids understand how their brains work and explore ways to focus their attention, time, and energy? That’s fascinating! In this presentation, you’ll discover how to approach productivity as a lifelong experiment that you can have fun exploring alongside your students. In addition to important mindset shifts, you’ll learn time- and energy-management tips that will help you maximize instructional time and help students make the most of every moment in your class.

“Fewer Things, Better: How to Innovate with Intentionality” 

Do you feel like you’re always working and yet you’re never done (and are never doing enough)? In this keynote session, Angela shares simple mindset shifts that will empower you to give yourself permission to do fewer things, better. Learn 4 questions to ask yourself when deciding what to add, streamline, or eliminate to create more space in your day for innovative teaching strategies. Discover actionable ideas for analyzing and letting go of practices that aren’t the best and highest use of your time. You’ll walk away from the session knowing how to set clear, realistic goals for your learning at the summit so you can conquer overwhelm and focus on the right priorities for YOU.

“YOU are a priority, too: How to create simple, lasting habits of rest & self-care”

As an educator, you know you can’t pour from an empty cup…but how can you prioritize your needs with so many other things demanding your attention?  In this session, we’ll debunk some common misunderstandings about what self-care is and isn’t, and explore why it’s so integral to showing up as your best self in the classroom. Discover how to choose daily habits of self-care and rest that re-energize you, and learn how to make those habits stick by fitting them into your existing routines. You’ll walk away with an actionable (and sustainable) plan for incorporating self-care habits throughout your day. 

School-Based Staff Development Events

I am available for workshops, keynotes, seminars, and in-services, and webinars for PreK-12 educators. All presentations will be customized for your school’s needs, and can also be followed by individual or grade-level consultations, classroom organizational makeovers, and/or instructional coaching sessions.

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Angela Watson speaking and professional development

Feedback from Workshops, PD, and Coaching

Wow! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with fellow teachers; you are helping us become better at educating children.
-P., Kansas

Your  presentation was great. I feel like now I understand why we need to change the way we teach kids in the 21st century. I like that you made the transition seem ‘do-able’ and not overwhelming, and helped us understand how to take baby steps from right where our school is now.
-M. Cohen, New York

Every moment of your workshop was valuable. I learned so much! It was awesome having you come to the classroom to set up my behavior plan and rearrange some spaces that weren’t working well. Thank you! Thank you!
-K., Florida

In your presentation, you shared so many ideas that I just never thought to try! My kids have responded so well to your techniques. I can actually teach a lesson now without being interrupted! It’s changed my whole classroom.
-E., New York

I just had to say thank you. I have had the smoothest start to the school unlike any other year and I have you to thank for that. The book is awesome and I have had trouble putting it down. I look forward to updates on your website and any new tips you have.
-T. Ring, North Carolina

It is so awesome to actually hear you talk about everything in your book! Thank you so much! This has been a very trying year, but with this I feel like I’m going to have an amazing class!”
–Stephanie S., Delaware

This was the most inspiring PD session I have ever attended. Usually I leave feeling overwhelmed with all the ideas, but you made me feel like I can really do this. And I have a solid plan for implementing everything.
-Dana R., New Jersey

Thank you for such an informative and practical workshop. I feel ready to take what I learned directly into the classroom.
-P. Baumstein, New York


Event Quotes

If you’d like to inquire about my availability for your school-based event, please send an email to angela [at] truthforteachers [dot] com. Please include as much info as you can, including:

  • event location
  • possible date(s)
  • type of session (keynote, half day, full day)
  • approx. number of attendees
  • preferred session topics/themes