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Introducing the Truth for Teachers Daily Encouragement Podcast

NEW for the 2023-2024 school year ONLY!

Subscribers to the new Daily Encouragement podcast will receive approximately 20 episodes each month, with a new ep dropping every Monday-Friday each week.

This daily podcast is ad-free and exclusive to subscribers for $3.99/month.

Each episode is 3-5 minutes long: no promotions, no fluff, no filler. You’ll hear just a boost of motivation and inspiration on topics like:

  • mindfulness
  • self-compassion
  • radical acceptance
  • reframing your thoughts
  • managing anxiety
  • enjoying your work
  • connecting deeply with students
  • staying grounded in your vision and purpose

This podcast is designed for ALL educators (anyone who works in a school), including those who ordinarily don’t listen to podcasts because they don’t have the alone time or mental bandwidth to consume lengthier episodes.

If you’re deeply rooted in my work, you’ll hear some familiar ideas from time to time which will help you keep them in the forefront of your mind and continue practicing them. I’ll draw from ideas touched on during the 19 seasons of the regular podcast, blog articles, my 6 books, and the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek. Think of it almost like “Angela’s Greatest Hits” to remind you of impactful stuff you heard long ago but have forgotten about.

There will also be tons of new ideas and reflections–things I’ve been mulling over but didn’t want to do a full podcast episode about, and stuff I’ve never shared before. Occasionally there will be theme weeks in which each episode centers around a specific topic, as well as seasonal messages.

Most episodes will have no intro, outro, or music: since it’s a daily listen and a short episode, I feel like this could get tedious for you as the listener to hear the same thing over and over, but I will incorporate sounds like birds singing or waterfalls every now and then, depending on the episode topic. And I plan to use music occasionally for effect, including recordings of me playing the koshi chimes, kalimba, and tongue drum, all of which I use in sound bath or sound therapy sessions to down-regulate the nervous system.

it’s the perfect short, calming listen for:

  • when you first wake up to start your day on a positive note
  • during your commute to school to ease into “school mode”
  • on your break to re-energize yourself for the afternoon
  • after dismissal to ground, calm, and re-center when the day’s done

NOTE: This is only available via the Apple Podcasts app for now. I tried to pick a price that felt affordable for educators, while staying mindful that Apple takes 30% of the revenue. I think that $3.99/monthly offers a really good value for a Mon-Fri daily show. If you appreciate my work in general and with the podcast specifically, I would love your support with this project!

I hope this will be an easy, fun, way for you to hear some positive words spoken into your heart and mind on a daily basis, so you can keep showing up as the best version of yourself each day.

What teachers are saying

This is what I've been looking for- the blend of actionable personal development strategies that truly support our growth as teachers and humans. The content may be geared for teachers, though anyone looking to improve their relationships and work habits should listen. I wish there were 6 stars. I ❤️ this podcast!

LiftUpLeaders via iTunes

What teachers are saying

Wise and comforting. I’m so happy I stumbled on this podcast. Teaching is challenging in even the best circumstances. Now...it’s crazy! Angela is calm, reasonable, encouraging, even prophetic. We need her voice and more like it.

Teachinginmn via iTunes

What teachers are saying

Angela Watson makes teachers better. Period. Listening to Angela Watson's passionate and productive words is as meaningful as it is transformative. She helps teachers deal with the day-to-day, but is also unafraid to jump in and talk about the big issues dominating our attentions and minds. I'm a fan of all she puts out there.

Genuinejake via iTunes

What teachers are saying

Real, inspirational, justice centered thoughts on teaching. Thank you for the work you’re doing, Angela. As a BIPOC educator in a predominately white city and school... your words, ideas and support mean the world and help me keep doing this work even when I feel as though I’ve hit a wall. We appreciate you!!

The Tiff via iTunes

What teachers are saying

Excellent podcast for educators! I am a big fan of Angela. She was in the trenches for years as an elementary school teacher and brings that perspective into every episode. Angela shares her passion and enthusiasm for teachers. I love her advice and take aways. She truly cares about the whole the teacher... body, mind, and spirit. This podcast is always uplifting and inspiring!

EmpoweredEvie via iTunes

What teachers are saying

Angela changed my life years ago with the 40 Hour Teacher Work Week Club! My kids even recognized her voice. Now I look forward to her weekly podcasts of inspiration to help me reframe my workweek! Thank you!!!

4th grade teacher CCKAC via iTunes

What teachers are saying

Angela is practical, inspiring, and knowledgable. As a middle school ESOL teacher, I’m often wary of general education/teaching strategies. But, Angela Watson is amazing. Her strategies work. They are applicable to my classroom. She is honest in how hard teaching is and practical because she does come up with ways to streamline the work.

QueenK613 via iTunes

Frequently-Asked Questions

Where should I start if I'm new to the podcast?

I’ve carefully curated the episodes I’m most proud of—and that I think will help you most—from our seven years of podcasting.

Choose from:

The Greatest Hits Playlist: A collection of the most popular and impactful episodes

The Encouragement Playlist: Mindset tips and motivation to help rejuvenate and inspire you

The Productivity Playlist: Time and energy management ideas to create work/life balance

The Student Engagement Playlist: Innovative teaching strategies that build a healthy classroom culture

Click here to sign up for the playlist you want. 

Where can I find show notes or a transcript of the recording?

Every other Sunday, I feature the latest podcast episode on my blog. If you prefer to read the message or want to pass it on to friends who don’t listen to podcasts, you can get the info from the blog post and share that way. The blog post also provide links to resources mentioned in the podcast episode and provides a forum for discussion in the comments. You can see all previous blog posts + transcriptions here in the archive.

How can I spread the word and show my support?

If you find the podcast beneficial, I would LOVE for you to click here and leave a review for the show on iTunes! (The link will open up iTunes: click on “Ratings and Reviews” and then “Write a Review.”) Podcast reviews are super important–the more reviews we have, the more easily discoverable the show will be, and the more teachers we’ll be able to reach and inspire. Thank you for your support!

How do I give you feedback on the podcast?

I’d love your feedback–use the form at the bottom of the page, and let me know what you want changed and what you want more of!

You can leave a short voice message to comment on any episode or submit a question for me to answer. I might play your message on an upcoming episode! Leave your voice message here.

Or, join our Truth for Teachers Podcast Community on Facebook! In this private group, you’ll get an inside look behind the scenes, vote on future topics/guests, and collaborate with other listeners to put what you’ve learned from the podcast into practice.

Do you accept podcast sponsors?

Yes. Contact us via the topic/suggestion form below for more info or via email.

What's different with the Daily Encouragement podcast?

The Truth for Teachers Daily Encouragement podcast is a separate podcast feed and subscription. For $3.99/month, all content is ad-free and new episodes are dropped daily from Monday-Friday.

Apple will manage your subscription and securely take your payment method when you subscribe here. Each day, you can open your podcast player app and a new episode will automatically appear. Stream the audio online or download with a tap of a button to play offline. You’ll continue to be billed for the subscription of $3.99 each month. You can cancel anytime through your Apple account: just know that your access to the podcast archives will be removed at the end of your monthly billing period.

Learn more here.

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